heinleinfan's Journal

14 April 1977
I'm horrible at bios.

I'm married, to the most awesome man in the history of men, and we're poly so I have two amazing boyfriends.

I live in Colorado and that's all kinds of really great.

I have two cats, a tiny bird and a ball python. Plus, two beehives. Those aren't really pets, but I'll throw them on the list of the menagerie anywho.

I garden. I read. This is a problem in the summer when I want to both read and garden.

I craft and sew very infrequently.

I'm a kind of hippy-treehugging, organic, natural, sustainable type person, or least I do my best do be so. I run a farmer's market and also manage an all-local, all-organic buying club.

I like pie.